About Chico

Welcome to Chico. 

Chico is a vibrant and welcoming city for residents and guests. Located in the wide-open spaces of Butte County, Chico combines natural beauty with a lively community, making it an ideal place to live and play.

The Chico community provides such a fulfilling and enriching experience, it’s no wonder many people are drawn to this charming city—and that so few ever want to leave.

If your itinerary includes outdoor adventures, checking out the vibrant cultural scene, or a week full of work meetings, we hope to inspire you to find the many things that will make Chico your new favorite place. 

Chico: Community, Hospitality, Ingenuity, Culture, Outdoors


The community in Chico is where it all begins—it’s the people that make the city so special. The city is home to a diverse population that helps the city foster a strong sense of belonging, wherever you may come from. Chico residents each contribute their skills and ideas to make positive changes in the community, which benefits everyone—resident and visitor alike. The friendly locals and welcoming atmosphere make it easy to make friends and get involved in community activities.

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Chico hosts numerous cultural events, music festivals, farmers markets, and art exhibits, offering a vibrant social scene for residents to enjoy. The genuine warmth and friendliness of Chico’s residents, combined with a commitment to community engagement and support, create an inviting atmosphere that makes visitors feel right at home. And the collegiate set, California State University, Chico fosters a welcoming environment for students, offering resources, support services, and social activities to help them feel at home.


Chico promotes ingenuity through its support of entrepreneurship, sustainability efforts, artistic expression, academic excellence, technology, and community engagement. By nurturing an environment that encourages innovation and creative problem-solving, Chico is committed to fostering ingenuity and forward-thinking approaches to building a thriving community, as evidenced by the global success and recognition of local businesses like Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Klean Kanteen, and ChicoBag, and the always innovating CSU Chico.

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Chico offers a rich and diverse cultural scene, with numerous museums and cultural institutions that showcase its history, art, and heritage. It also boasts a vibrant arts community, and the city is home to numerous art galleries, theaters, and performance venues that showcase local talent and host exhibitions, plays, concerts, and other cultural events throughout the year. The downtown area, in particular, features a thriving arts district where visitors can browse galleries, attend art walks, and appreciate the work of local artists.


Surrounded by breathtaking views, rolling hills, rocky cliffs, the Sacramento River, Feather River, and Butte Creek, Chico is a gateway to a huge variety of outdoor recreational activities. Chico also is home to one of the largest municipal parks in the United States. With its vast trails and outdoor recreational opportunities, Bidwell Park is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts who want to go hiking, mountain biking, swimming, horseback riding, rock climbing, or take a picnic and simply enjoy the park’s natural beauty.

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